How To Buy The Best Camera

As a sales associate at Pro Photo Supply, I love matchmaking. I don’t mean I manage a lucrative side hustle where I set upnerdy customers on dates (although, I definitely will from now on)…I mean I love setting a customer up with the best camera for their needs....

Dental Photography: A Weighty Problem

Any dental professional that uses a digital camera for clinical photography will tell the same tale; the camera is great, we use it all the time…but why does it have to be so bulky? Is there anything lighter out there that produces high quality images and is...

The Grotesque and Beautiful World of “Testimony”

Animal skulls with wandering eyes sit on a table as wine pours over their bones. To the right, flying insects swarm above as intertwined skeletons wrestle in the dirt.   These are just a few things evident in Tara Sellios’ photographs. As you get closer, the...

Nikon D500 review: The budget D5

Like this review, the Nikon D500 was late to the game. The long-awaited D300S replacement is finally here, and for the right photographers, it was well worth the wait.

2016 Summer Film Contest: Winners

Below are the winning images from the Photo Lab's 2016 Summer Film Contest. The categories included: Creative, Portraits, Landscapes, and Instant Film. The winners won a Pro Photo Supply gift card and film. Their work will also hang in the Lab Gallery for the month of...

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