“With this in mind, we have hand-selected just 35 retail accounts from across North America to join us as Partner Shops in this next phase of saving analog film from the historical dustbin. Your shop is among this lucky few.”

What an honor! And everyone thought Polaroid Instant Film was dead! We are happy to announce that we are now stocking The Impossible Project’s Color Shade and Silver Shade Film for Polaroid Cameras. We’ve also updated our website with a listing of other new products we just started carrying! Check them out here.

To help everyone out, we had our Sales Associates Brenda Manookin test out the new film and provide some tips and what to expect.

When I first started playing around with the new Impossible Color Film and took my first picture, I thought my camera was broken because it came out blue and it took a long time to develop. First blue, then peachy and then eventually a yellowish hue.  A lot of the initial photos were extrememly yellow and blown out and honestly wasn’t what I was expecting.  And then I realized that the most likely reason for that was the flouresent lighting, the flash and the fact that the images were exposed to light as soon as they shot out of the camera.

To help my images out, I took a black garbage bag and taped it to the end of the camera so when my pictures came out, they shot directly into the bag.  It was very helpful in collecting the pictures so they didn’t get ruined from carrying them around.  Impossible suggests using the box to catch the photographs, but I felt the bag was a better option because it didn’t stick out and was more compact and freely moved around.  When I didn’t want the  flash, I covered the it by putting a little gaffers tape tab over it.

After getting myself in a better lighting condition, shooting into a bag and letting the photographs develop on thier own for at least 20 min, the result was much better.

If you would like to have a more literal translation Instax may be better suited for you. If you would like a warm, nostalgic, retro look, use Impossible. Overall I like the film and is a great first batch.”

For more tips on shooting with the new Color Shade and Silver Shade Film, visit The Impossible Project.

Don’t forget to submit your Plastic Camera photos to Pro Photo Supply’s Plastic Camera Photo Contest. Deadline is September 30th, 2011.

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