There are some changes brewing in our photo lab this year.  We are looking at some upgrades, including a new paper that we have started using: Kodak Professional Endura paper in the Luster (“E”) surface.

What is this Professional paper?

My staff and I are really excited about printing on the Kodak Professional paper.  This paper has better contrast, a greater dynamic range, and better color saturation than its cousin Kodak Royal.  In short, it just pops a bit more.  The blacks are deep and rich and hold their detail, while the whites are nice and bright.  Professional Endura paper is also more long-lasting with better archival properties.  The paper says right on the back of it that it’s a professional paper and DO NOT COPY.  That helps to protect your copyright.  Ask for this paper at our lab for the highest-quality, most professional-looking prints you can get on photographic paper.

What is  the Luster surface like?

Luster is very popular these days, partly because it’s a happy medium between a flat matte  and a super-slick glossy surface. The luster surface is something that we’ve been wanting to carry in addition to our matte and glossy options.  Luster is sometimes called semi-matte or pearl, and it has a bit more of a pebble to the surface than the matte does.  It’s a nice surface because it retains a bit more of the deep blacks that you look for from the Glossy paper.

If you were wondering about that “E” in parentheses, that is Kodak’s designation for this particular surface.  The glossy we use is an “F” surface and the matte is Kodak’s “N” surface.

Do you still have questions about all the papers we carry in our lab?  Take a look at the FAQ  page on our website.  Or, better yet, stop by and take a look at our samples.  There’s only so much I can describe in words – seeing is understanding.

Gina Kelley
Photo Lab Supervisor
Pro Photo Supply
Photos by Gina Kelley

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