This month we are proud to showcase the work of Pro Photo Supply’s own Tom Darnall in our store gallery space. Tom showcases a collection of black and white photos with the theme “Statue Farm.” Read more about Tom and his work below:

“I read somewhere that people looking to reconnect with their inner self should think about what they liked to do as a kid.  Like many in this field, there were early signs in my life that I was fascinated with photography.  When I was 14, I converted a crawl space in our basement into a darkroom, using an old wool Navy blanket to keep the light out.  In high school, I persuaded a local camera store owner to hire me, saying I’d mop the floor just to get a job.

During college, after a year as a photo major, I was distracted by more practical interests and switched to advertising, which led to a broader communications and marketing career.  Now, in my 50s, I’ve reconnected with my childhood passion.  I feel like I’m learning to really see, and as I immerse myself in a subject, my observation gets keener. I start to see patterns and a way of looking at things that are often hidden from the casual observer.  It’s exhilarating.

I call this little collection “Statue Farm”.  I discovered it quite by accident on my way back from a shooting trip in So. Washington.  I’ve always been drawn to repeating shapes in nature, so maybe that’s what drew me in.  My friend and I pulled off the road and studied these guys for hours.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Perhaps you’ll even chuckle here and there.

This mounted set of seven 13×19” photos, including one extra that didn’t pass the “family store” test, are available Mar. 1st for $425.  They are printed on Epson Exhibition Fiber paper with archival pigment ink, and mounted by Digicraft on 3/16” black gator board. ”

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