From left to right: Rob, Daven, Jon, Hilary

It’s that time of the year again! Time for NAB, cool new technology and new product releases. This year we are sending Rob, Daven, Jon and Hilary to scope out NAB and report back to you. So check our Twitter and Facebook for posts. Below is what everyone will be looking to learn:

“Vegas is actually pretty ugly during the daytime, which is why I’m glad I will be spending 8 hours a day in an air-conditioned building surrounded by my fellow video geeks. Both Canon and Sony have had some pretty big announcements this past week, proving 4k is indeed the future of the industry, so I’m excited to see those new cameras. I’ll be taking my trusty GH2 along for the trip and hope to have a “highlight reel” ready shortly after we return, so look forward to that!” – Daven

“As Sales & Marketing Manager I need to stay attuned with the latest product and industry trends so that our business can continue to meet the constantly evolving needs of our customers.  NAB is one of the really exciting shows that we attend.  With the continuing convergence of still and motion image making there is a lot to learn.  I gain a lot of knowledge from my co-workers by walking the trade show floor with them.  I can’t wait to get there!” – Jon

“This is my 3rd year attending the NAB tradeshow, it’s an ever-changing and always interesting show.  As the buyer for Pro Photo Supply, it’s important I keep as up to date as I can on this changing industry.  I’m really excited to see what Canon is doing in this field and look forward to meeting with them at the show.  I have a number of meetings with several rig and audio vendors we currently deal with, but I most look forward to seeing and finding new products.” – Hilary

“As traditional still photographers are being asked to deliver video and still images, it is important that myself and the staff at Pro Photo Supply remain current to the demanding needs of the image makers we support. Being the “Pro Department Supervisor” it is my responsibility to keep our “Rental Department” current and up to date with the latest equipment demands of our customers both still and motion. NAB is our chance to see and play with the latest and greatest in the motion world. Looking forward to bringing new knowledge and advice back to our customers.” – Rob



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