This month, our store gallery features the work of employee Daven Sprattling-Mathies. His work will be on display through the end of year at our main location, 1112 NW 19th Avenue.

From the artist:

This show stands as the first public display of my photography. It came about by happenstance, after noticing that the first two images (which were taken years apart from one another) looked pretty good next to each other. I put the idea together for a show focusing on the three primary colors of light and set out to capture a third, “green” image, which is the only one actually shot for the purpose of this gallery. Reversing, of sorts, the way in which digital cameras create multicolored images by piecing together individual red, green, and blue pixels, each print is a mixture of multicolored ink resulting in a single, unmistakable, primary color. There is no theme deeper than that. These are really just three images that I feel look cool next to each other. Although, with the recent passing of Bryce Bayer, I suppose you could consider it an homage to him. Yeah, I’m going to go with that.



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