Aaron Reed’s stunning image of the Palouse in Eastern Washington won our first monthly Facebook Photo Contest. He was kind enough to answer a few questions about himself and how he made this photograph, which you can read below. Congratulations to Aaron, and a big thanks to everyone who entered!

Please tell us a little about yourself. What kind of photographer are you? Enthusiast? Professional? Amateur? Weekend Warrior?

My name is Aaron Reed and I am a professional nature photographer currently living just east of Seattle, Washington. I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and spent the first 35 years of my life there. I first caught the photography bug in early 2007 and was immediately hooked. You hear a lot of different perspectives on who is a professional and who is an amateur. Some people base this solely on the percentage of your income that is derived from your photographic work. In my opinion, if you are regularly paid for your photographic work you are a professional photographer. That being said, I am not concerned with the title in any way. I teach landscape photography through in the field workshops in Oregon & Washington, license images to businesses all around the world and my entire body of work is represented by a dealer in New York state for distribution to internet and brick & mortar stores in the US and Canada.

Tell us a little about the image and how you shot it: time of day, location, your plan, technique, gear used, etc.

This image was taken as a compositional example during one of my workshops last year in the Palouse region of Eastern Washington. It was captured approximately an hour and a half before sunset when the hills were bathed in warm sidelight from the setting sun. The quality of light during this part of the day is often perfect for photography of all kinds but especially important in this particular location. The hills themselves are beautiful, but it is the shadows that play off of them during the early morning and early evening hours that create the real magic that you see in this image. This image was taken with a Canon 5D Mark III and a Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens. A 3 stop soft graduated neutral density filter was also used to balance out the exposure from top to bottom.

Tell us about the post production process for this image. What software did you use and what adjustments did you make (if any)?

The post production with this particular image was very minimal. As with most quality imagery, the light took center stage and for the most part, this image took care of creating itself. I was just there to capture it. There were slight contrast & white balance adjustments made to the RAW file as well as some dodging & burning done to the shadow portions of the image. Of course some sharpening was included for presentation on the web and a separate pass of sharpening for the files created for print. I have printed this image up to 30” x 40” for various clients of mine on paper & metal and it is really impressive when presented at that size.  I am pleased with the results.

Where can people go to see more of your work?

The majority of my best work can be found on my website at www.aaronreedphotography.com as well as my gallery on 500px at http://500px.com/AaronReedPhotography

You can also find my work on Google PLUS at https://plus.google.com/u/0/114338270254521043906/posts, on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/sicalufakiss/ and of course here on Facebook. For more information about my in the field photography workshops in Oregon & Washington please visit my Exposure Northwest site at http://exposurenorthwest.wordpress.com/  If you would like to sign up for one of my workshops after reading this interview please mention ProPhoto Supply when you contact me and I will extend you $25 off the registration fee.

Thanks for your time!

Thank you Pro Photo Supply for the opportunity to do this interview and everything that you do for the photographic community in the northwest!

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