This article is brought to you by sales associate, Kevin Felts.

Many of our customers have a general idea of the type of camera they’re looking for when they visit Pro Photo Supply.  They come in because they know they can see, touch, and try all the makes and models that interest them. We encourage camera seekers to handle the display cameras; try different lenses, settings, and features. We want to assist you in making the best camera choice for your needs and budget.

When you come into our store, we know that you’ve made a special effort to get here, and we’re eager to help any way that we can! That’s why we’re offering these 5 tips to help make your next visit as rewarding as possible.

  1. Allow enough time for your visit. Pro Photo Supply is not your average retail store. Our goal is to help you find a camera that you will truly enjoy, and the process can take time. We want you to be relaxed, and as certain as possible that you’ve made the right choice before you leave the store.
  2. If you’re just shopping and comparing, that’s great! We encourage you to bring an SD card with you, or purchase one in the store during your visit. Virtually all of the current cameras at Pro Photo use SD cards to record images. By having your own card, you can try several different cameras under the same conditions, and do an “apples-to-apples” comparison at home before you decide to buy. (Note: some high-end professional models use CF cards).
  3. We recommend trying out no more than three cameras at a time. Why three? Because trying to juggle the particular features and functions of more than three can get confusing and frustrating. “Paralysis from analysis” can set in. If for some reason you reject all three, we’ll take them off the counter and move on to other options. Most camera categories have plenty to choose from.
  4. The camera you choose will come with one battery, a charger, lens cap (if your camera requires one), software, and a neck or wrist strap. That’s all. As a general rule, manufacturers do not include memory cards, cases, or any additional accessories. Don’t forget to consider the cost of these accessories when making your budget.
  5. Are you planning to take your new camera on an up-coming dream vacation or to a special family gathering? Make your camera purchase well in advance of the date. Today’s digital cameras are far more capable than ever before, but each one is different, and each one has a learning curve. Allowing enough time to familiarize yourself with your new camera before you go pays off by giving you the knowledge and confidence to capture consistently better images. It also allows you time to acquire any additional accessories you may come to want after using the camera for a while.

Whether your next visit to Pro Photo Supply is your first or your 101st, we hope these tips will help you get more out of the experience. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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