Staff Pick - Reflector

One tool I never leave home without is a collapsible reflector/diffuser. Since all the reflectors we carry at Pro Photo Supply are multi-purpose, they can serve a variety of useful functions out in the field. These reflectors are metal “hoops” covered with fabric, and fold flat into a small circle that is stored in the provided zippered pouch. Just pull the hoop out of the case, pop open, and you’re ready to tackle any number of lighting situations.

Most reflectors are also diffusers or flags, used to either soften or completely block light by placing them between the light source and your subject. They can also help block the wind when trying to shoot macro subjects out in the field, such as flowers, where even a small breeze can cause big problems with focusing and framing.

Collapsible reflectors come in a number of sizes and shapes from tiny to titan. They’re a low-tech, cost-effective solution that can take your photography to a higher level.

-Kevin Felts, sales associate.

Kevin Felts

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