With the release of the G-DOCK, G-Technologly has delivered an elegant storage solution for photographers and filmmakers who need to offload media in the field. The G-DOCK’s unique, hot-swappable design holds two independent hard drives, which themselves function as standalone external drives. That’s right, you can hook the drive up to a computer without the dock and it will function as a normal USB 3.0 hard drive! So when you’re in the field, the drive comes with you, and media can be offloaded through a laptop computer. Bring the drive back to the studio and slide it into the G-DOCK for automatic RAID backup, or to edit on your main desktop machine. It’s also an easy solution for creating archived copies of your media, or sharing media between different computers, since the drives can work with or without the dock. There are thousands of storage solutions available, but it’s nice to see something that takes a different approach and tries to actually make life easier. That’s why the G-DOCK is a staff pick!

– Michael Wyman, printer and imaging specialist

mike wyman

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