It always surprises me how many small businesses there are in this area that have such a large impact on a national and even international level. CRU, specialists in high-end computer storage solutions, are no exception. The Vancouver, WA-based company has been the go-to hard drive manufacturer for government, security, and forensics uses for years. More recently, their hard drives have become the standard for the digital distribution of movies—if you’ve been to the cinema lately, chances are the film you watched was being read from one of their drives. We took a trip up to Vancouver to talk to CRU about their business, products, and their relatively recent foray into the professional photo and video markets.CRU’s expertise in industries that require the highest degree of reliability has made them a perfect fit for the professional digital media industry, as well. While still a newcomer in this area, CRU has produced several products specifically targeting photographers and videographers, from their RTX-line of multi-bay RAID systems perfect for professional studios, to the small and portable TouchTech M3, a great solution for client delivery thanks to its portability and hardware write-protect switch.

In speaking with representatives from CRU, it became clear that they are still just beginning their expansion into the digital media space, with many innovations yet to come. Some of the things they are looking to for the near future are a focus on industrial design and fully embracing the latest I/O technologies, like Thunderbolt. When it comes to digital asset management, there is no company with more experience, expertise, and proven history than CRU. But what really sets them apart from the competition is their customer service. With every department from management to sales to engineering represented in Vancouver, customers receive immediate help when they call in with issues—even it means getting an engineer on the line. No waiting on a support ticket, no being redirected to an online FAQ. CRU stands behind their products with a commitment to their customers that is simply not seen from larger companies. It’s the kind of attitude of that makes us proud of our local area, so they were a perfect fit for our Made in the NW series.

To compliment this video release, we are offering a discount on select CRU products, like the ToughTech DUO and M3, through the rest of April 2014. Enjoy the video below, and let us know if you have any questions on hard drives, RAIDs, or digital asset management—we’re happy to help!

Made in the Northwest – CRU Inc. from Pro Photo Supply on Vimeo.

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