CamRanger, because shooting tethered is so 2012.

That’s my personal tagline for CamRanger, the wireless transmitter for Nikon and Canon DSLRs. It’s a pocket-sized box that plugs into your camera and grants you full control over it from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Take pictures, record videos, transfer files, and even use advanced techniques like focus stacking, intervalometer shooting, and HDR—all without having to touch the camera. You can even send files to multiple devices at once, which is great when you have a client on site who wants to preview images.

So whether you need full camera control or a simple yet flexible image transfer tool, CamRanger has you covered. At just $299.99, it’s also much cheaper than many of the first-party professional solutions. Bring your smartphone by Pro Photo Supply, and we’ll help get you set up with the app and show you how to use the CamRanger.


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