We have some new video content planned for 2015, starting with Pro News?, a short-format news program reporting all the latest and greatest photo-industry news each month. The first episode covers CES and presents our choice for the 2014 camera of the year.

Selecting a camera of the year is a fool’s errand. Ask three people to find the camera of the year, and they’ll show you three different cameras. The only other award based on this much subjectivity is a Grammy. What I’m getting at here is that I’m about to show you what I believe the best camera of 2014 was, but just like you shouldn’t let someone tell you what music to listen to, you should probably watch this video for entertainment purposes only.

When it comes to choosing a camera of the year, there are a few key qualities to consider. Personally, I don’t necessarily look for the camera that produces the best image quality or has the most features. I am also fairly price insensitive, meaning I tend to choose a camera based on how much I like it without regard to its relative value based on its price. I look for a camera that I honestly feel brought something new to the industry, not just a shinier version of last year’s top seller.

Video Specialist and Top Photo Gear cohost, Stephanie, takes a slightly different approach. She focuses on price, compactness, and “adorableness.” Pro Photo Supply Purchaser, Matt, looks for the camera that offers the greatest combination of image quality, features, and portability—he’s a past owner of a Panasonic GH3, GH4, and GM1, so this comes as no surprise.

You can see how these three viewpoints would likely result in different cameras being chosen, and hence the reason why declaring one camera the Camera of the Year is, well, silly. As such, we decided to present our selection in a silly way. We hope you enjoy the first episode of Pro News?.

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