Compact contenders: Canon G9 X, G5 X, and EOS M10

Earlier today, Canon introduced three new compact cameras. Two—the G9 X and G5 X—are based around a 1″ sensor, while the third, the EOS M10, is the next evolution of Canon’s mirrorless system. Here are the details on these new compact cameras, which look to be arriving just in time for the holiday shopping season. (I just said “holiday shopping season” in October. Sheesh.)


Canon G9 X

This is a new, entry-level camera in the G-series, built around the same 20MP, 1″ sensor found in the G7 X. The price is just $529, putting it well below the G7 X, yet slightly above the now three-year old RX100 that still outclasses it in some respects. The G9 X features a new lens that is slower than the fantastic f/1.8-2.8 optic on the G7 X, but this helps keep the camera compact. Canon has also gone with a “retro” design to help make the G9 X stand out from the increasingly crowded smorgasbord of ~$500 compacts.


Canon G5 X

This is an intriguing camera. Again, it’s built around the same 20MP, 1″ sensor as the G9 X and G7 X, but where it differs is not so much in its internals, but in its exterior design. Featuring a viewfinder and grip, the G5 X is clearly geared toward higher-end photo enthusiasts who want maximum control in a compact package. It carries forward the same stellar, 24-100mm, f/1.8-2.8 lens from the G7 X and also includes a hot shoe.


Canon EOS M10

The EOS M10 sure sounds a lot like Canon’s previous mirrorless efforts. It uses the same 18MP, APS-C sensor as the EOS M1 (and several generations of Rebel before it), and video functionality is still limited to 1080/30p. The most noticeable difference in design is the articulating screen, which flips up a full 180° for selfie satisfaction. A more important new feature, however, may simply be the price: at just $599 including the new 15-45mm (24-72mm full-frame equivalent) kit lens, it is the least expensive new EOS M camera ever. Add the $50 EF lens adapter, and this could be a great second camera for seasoned Canon DSLR shooters.

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