– UPDATED – We’ve got your Fujifilm FP-100C right here. For now.

by | Mar 7, 2016 | News, Products

UPDATE 4/4/2016: At this time, our ability to obtain more FP-100C is in question. We have orders open with distributors, but whether or not we’ll actually see more of the film remains unknown.

You may have heard the news: Fujifilm’s beloved pull-apart instant film, FP-100C, is soon to be no more. The factory will cease producing it sometime this spring. This is just the latest casualty in a long list of films that have gone missing since the digital revolution, but it is a particularly difficult one: FP-100C is the last pull-apart instant film on the market.

Once it’s gone, the Polaroid Land cameras that used it will become little more than decorative paperweights.

We have more than a few customers who are fans of FP-100C, who have been using it for years, and who see no reason to stop using it now. So obviously, we understand this news is both sad and frustrating to those photographers.

Rest assured, Pro Photo Supply is doing everything it can to ensure that FP-100C remains on our shelves for as long as possible. As I write this, our gallant purchasing team is searching both far and near to locate hitherto unknown supply lines and uncover any hidden caches of FP-100C so we can continue to supply it to our customers.

Furthermore, so that the well doesn’t run dry too quickly, we are going to be limiting sales of FP-100C to 60 packs per customer. We know there may be a few photographers out there with the resources to stockpile their own film, for their own use or perhaps for investment purposes, but we would prefer to be able to continue to sell this film to as many photographers as possible: small-time, big-time, and everyone in between.

If you’re a FP-100C user, you don’t have to panic just yet—we still have a large back stock of the film and have much more on the way. That said, there’s really no telling how long it will take before supplies run out, so the sooner you can act, the better.

At least Instax is here to stay.

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