Color Space: Fact and Fiction

Many photographers choose a color space arbitrarily or on a single piece of advice such as “Adobe RGB is better.”  However, this shotgun approach to thinking about color space can lead to some problems when going to print or posting to the web.  There are specific...

Why the Photo Lab Cropped Your Image

It’s happened to everyone, even professionals.  That perfect portrait of your niece comes back from the photo lab – but the head is cropped right above the eyebrows. This is not the effect that was intended!  What went wrong?  The original shot had all her fingers,...

How Large Can I Print My Digital Image?

Article by Pro Photo Supply Lab supervisor, Gina Kelley. Your European vacation was a success and you finally have the chance to sort through your memory cards.  One really great shot pops out from the rest—a white dove eating out of your child’s hand in the Piazza...
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