Community Project – Lents Grown Story Yard

It’s amazing what you learn in the photography equipment business. For instance, I’ve lived in Portland for over 30 years, and I had no idea that the Lents neighborhood was the most ethnically diverse neighborhood in Portland. I found out because Pro Photo Supply...
5 Outdoor Photography Essentials

5 Outdoor Photography Essentials

From beginner to seasoned veteran, here are 5 items not to forget when heading outdoors for a shoot. At one time or another, I’ve left one or more of these items behind, and regretted it. Please take this opportunity to learn from my mistakes! 1. Spare batteries Yep,...

Tech Tip – Choosing a dental kit

Dental camera packages are a specialty here at Pro Photo Supply. They consist of a high-quality camera, macro lens, and a macro flash. Typically, a kit will cost between $1,500.00 and $2,500.00 depending on a doctor’s particular preferences. The vast majority of these...

Tech Tip – How to Clean a Lens

Our customers come in all the time asking us to show them how to properly clean a lens.  That’s when we bunch up the bottom part of our shirtsleeve and… Just kidding! Getting  that schmutz off of your lens is easy, if you’ve got the right stuff, and take the right...

Tech Tip – DIY Shotgun Mic Spacer

In video production, there are lots of little parts and pieces required to capture video and sound properly. On their own, they don’t seem like much; but if you don’t have them, it can wreak havoc on your shoot. Built-in shotgun microphone mounts on camcorders are a...
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