Vixen Optics Polarie Multi Mounting Block

Top Features

  • Mount a Dovetail on a Polarie Tracker
  • Enables Proper Balancing of Heavy Rigs
  • Permanent Polar Scope Installation


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This accessory for the Polarie Star tracker allows you to mount a Vixen dovetail to your Polarie. This, in turn, enables camera balancing and you can keep your polar scope mounted inside.

The Mulit Mounting Block replaces the camera mounting block, which is originally supplied with the POLARIE Star Tracker. The optional Dovetail Slide Bar DD (#35525) allows photography with heavy equipment in an optimum balance around the rotating axis, maximizing payload up to approx. 14.3 lbs (6.5kg). The construction of the accessory is designed to permanently install the optional POLARIE polar scope PFL (#35521) for immediate precision polar alignment.

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