Vixen Optics Polarie Step-Up Kit

Top Features

  • PF-L Polarie Polar Scope
  • Illuminated 3-Star Alignment Reticle
  • Red Illumination with 8 Intensity Levels
  • Companion Android/iOS App
  • Polar Fine Adjustment Unit
  • Adapt Polarie for Equatorial Use
  • ±15° Adjustment Range
  • Polarie Multi Mounting Block
  • Polarie Dovetail Slide Bar DD
  • Polarie Tracking Unit Required


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This is a perfect quick starter kit for POLARIE users who wish to do higher magnification imaging or use a heavier camera. It is ideal for the solar eclipse imager. It is compromised of the POLARIE Multi Mounting Block (#35522), Dovetail Slide Bar DD (#35525), POLARIE polar scope PFL (#35521) and POLARIE Fine Adjustment Unit (#35519). Polarie sold separately.

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