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Moment Galaxy S21 Ultra Thin Case - Black

by Moment
$49.99 $49.99
SKU 319-021

The Moment Galaxy S21 Ultra Thin Case less is more case. A super-thin body and soft-to-the-touch texture bring the best features to the first line of cases made using partially biodegradable materials, now compatible with the Moment (M)Force Magnetic Mounts. It's NEW M-Series lens interface is improved with three locating points to prevent the mount from rotating in the case when you attach a lens. Plus a refined lens fit, so it's easier to install a lens with less effort. Find a list of compatible M-Series lenses below.

  • Compatible with Moment (M)Force Magnetic Mounts
  • New Microfiber Liner
  • Improved Drop Protection
  • Optimized for 5G MM Wave Performance
  • Strap Attachment for one-handed shooting
  • Built-in Lens Mount
  • The thin case is made from a combo of polycarbonate and Bio-TPU, therefore it is not fully compostable, but does reduce the amount of petroleum-based plastic used compared to a standard phone case.