Last Saturday, GigaPan hosted an awesome workshop on how to use their Epic Pro. For those of you not familiar with the Portland-based company, GigaPan makes automated panoramic camera mounts capable of creating “gigapixel” images by stitching together multiple frames. While photographers have been doing this manually with a limited number of frames (three to five, usually) the Epic Pro allows one to create a panoramic out of a much higher number of frames. Many of the attendees at the workshop created images from 20+ frames, a feat that would be nearly impossible without robotic assistance.

In addition to hands-on time with the Epic Pro and expert instruction, attendees were also treated to a tour of the GigaPan facility where all the products are assembled and distributed, right here in Portland. You can see some photos from the day below, and check out the links to view some of the panoramic images created that day. Thanks to GigaPan for a great event, and thanks to everyone who attended! (Not taken at the workshop, but created by an attendee.)

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