Well, if it isn’t that time of year again. The time of year when you realize you have no idea what that special photographer in your life wants as a gift. Whether it’s a friend, spouse, child, girlfriend, boyfriend, or parent, the frustration of finding the right gift can be excruciating. While the ever-venerable Gift Card offers an easy way out for those tempted to throw in the towel and just hand over a gift-wrapped wad of cash, we at Pro Photo Supply have decided to help you give a better gift. We’ve broken it down into categories to help you refine your search, and organized options by price level. Without further ado, allow me to present the official, complete, comprehensive Pro Photo Supply Holiday Gift Guide.

For the Student Photographer:

  1. A new camera strap not only provides added comfort for late night photo assignments, it also ads personal flair. $ to $$
  2. Assuming they already have a digital SLR, find out if they have a 50mm f/1.8 lens. If they don’t, buy them one. The “nifty fifty” is the perfect lens for learning the fundamentals of photography, and generally the least expensive lens in any manufacturer’s lineup. It’s a win-win. $$ to $$$
  3. Are we talking about a college student? Let’s face it, in this instance a wad of cash may actually be the way to go. $$$

For the Amateur Enthusiast:

  1. It’s really hard to figure out what these people want. Usually, they want everything. They also tend to buy it for themselves. So you’re stuck. Ah wait, but here’s the trick: no manufacturer, ever, has made the perfect camera bag. Enthusiasts are always looking for a new way to carry all of their stuff. Do they have a backpack? Get them a messenger bag. Do they have a belt pack? Get them a camera holster. Any type of thing in which they can put other things is something they can use. Do they already have every type of bag ever? Get them a sandwich. $ to $$ (I’ll take turkey on wheat, please).
  2. Nothing says, “I love your work,” like an offer to pay for further photography education. Pick up a gift certificate to Newspace Center for Photography, available at discounted rates at Pro Photo Supply, and treat this special someone to the finest photo workshops in Portland. $$
  3. Forget about surprising them and straight-up ask what they want. If it’s too expensive (as I assure you it will be) ask to go halvies. $$$

For the Professional:

  1. This is a tough one. See, if a pro buys gear for him or herself, it’s a tax write-off. So really, they should be buying the gear for you. In this case, the perfect gift for your pro photographer of choice may be none other than a Pro Photo Supply T-shirt. Available in women’s and men’s sizes and four different varieties, these stylish tees proudly proclaim that the wearer is a photographer who walks their talk. Buy one for yourself, too! $
  2. Put together a collection of photography nicknacks: lens tissue paper, a bulb blower, some rechargeable AA batteries, a memory card or two, the latest issue of a photo magazine, maybe some Lens Bling lens caps, etc. There’s no better way to say, “Hey, I know you’re into photography, but I really don’t know what it all means.” $ to $$
  3. Is this pro your spouse or significant other? Then consider an advanced compact camera. Seriously, look at a Panasonic LX7, Sony RX-100, or similar. These cameras offer all the controls professionals are used to, in a package small enough that they’ll actually want to take it along on your next vacation. Now, you get more of the type of photos that matter to you, and they may even actually let you use it to take pictures of them every once in a while. $$$

For the Action Hero:

  1. GoPro accessories: a chest harness, tripod mount, extra battery, etc. $
  2. Bigger GoPro accessories: a Battery or LCD Bacpac, UK Pro pole or case, or WiFi Remote. $$
  3. Oh, your action hero doesn’t have a GoPro camera? Then start here, with the GoPro HD Hero 3 camera. $$$

For the Hipster:

  1. Breathe new life into ye olde Polaroid 600 series camera with a pack of Impossible Project instant film, available in both color and black-and-white. $
  2. Pick up an iPhone lens adapter, such as the OlloClip or iPro systems which offer wide angle, fisheye, and macro lenses to augment iPhone photography. Combined with Instagram, it’s all the camera they’ll ever need. Until they see a Fujifilm X100. $$
  3. Anything from the Used Department. $ to $$$

For a Photographer from a Photographer:

  1. Offer to shoot each other’s family portraits for holiday greeting cards. It’s so lame that it’s adorable. Also, wear a really bad “Season’s Greetings” sweater in your picture. $ (for printing the cards professionally at Pro Photo Supply).
  2. Buy the lens that you want for yourself, and have your friend do the same for her/himself. Then, offer to buy each other a beer to celebrate. $$ to $$$ (depending on the quality and quantity of beer).
  3. And when all else fails, well, we do still offer gift cards, which are actually pretty awesome. I would love one, myself. $-$$$ (you can literally name your price with these).

Please note that the products mentioned above are just a smattering of what we offer. Please call or come in for the latest prices, as manufacturer rebates are still fluctuating. Prices shown are normal retail values.
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