Once again, we received many wonderful images for our monthly photo contest, but we felt Christina Angquico’s vibrant photo perfectly captured the theme of “spring color,” playing off all three primary colors of light in a very bold way. It’s an image that immediately grabs your attention, and has a dynamic balance that keeps your eye moving, from the detail of the foreground flowers, to the silhouettes of the trees, to the white clouds contrasting against the deep blue sky.

Read on for a brief interview with the photographer on how she got the shot.

Please tell us a little about yourself. What kind of photographer do you consider yourself? Enthusiast? Professional? Amateur? Weekend Warrior?

I am a Histology Technician and I run the Histology department at Adventist Medical Center. I would consider myself an enthusiast but I mostly get out on the weekends.

Tell us a little about the image and how you shot it: time of day, location, your plan, technique, gear used, etc.

I was cruising flickr for inspiration and hadn’t seen many people post pictures of the clover fields out in Forest Grove, so I wanted to have a look at that landscape for myself. I wanted to find something unique and not overshot, and an extensive search only produced a handful of images, so it was a perfect subject to scout. When I got to the fields it sounded like an airport and I kept looking in the sky for the planes. I figured out why I hadn’t seen very many shots from these gorgeous fields: they were swarming with bees! Bees so loud they sounded like planes! I took this shot around 4 pm when it was still bright and contrasty. Many photographers only shoot sunrise and sunsets in low contrast situations, and that is fine, but I find the sky is a little more blue a couple hours before sunset. I shoot with an Olympus E-30 on top of an old Velbon tripod with a pan head. I use a Marumi polarizer and I find that this minimal setup does me just fine.

Tell us about the post production process for this image. What software did you use, what adjustments did you make (if any)?

I processed the raw shot in Lightroom and took it into photoshop to do some curves adjustments. I did some dodging and burning, and my final steps were some unsharp mask filters and smart sharpen.

Where can people go to see more of your work?

People can see more of my work at www.flickr.com/konejita or http://500px.com/Christina_Angquico

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