Fiilex P360

LED lights for video shooting are nothing new, but the Fiilex P360 offers novel features in a compact size at a great price. This new ultra-efficient contestant light weighs just 1.6 lbs, making it incredibly portable and suitable for use with lightweight stands. The P360 offers 10-100% dimming capacity, and 3000-5600k color temperature tuning. And unlike many LED light sources, the P360 maintains a high CRI above 90 throughout the entire color temperature range. The included barn doors help control the light, while an optional fresnel lens can be used to boost output. But the best thing about the P360? It is designed to be natively compatible with Profoto lighting accessories, meaning there is already an extensive collection of modifiers available, from beauty dishes to soft boxes. At $695, the Fiilex P360 isn’t the least expensive LED light option, but it is absolutely the most versatile we have yet seen, making it an unprecedented value. This light would be a great asset to event and commercial videographers who need to be able to travel light and work in a variety of environments.

Come in today to demo the new Fiilex P360 light, or learn more on Fiilex’s website.

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