When I shot news and rented video production gear on a regular basis, the components varied from job to job, but they nearly always came packed in PortaBrace bags and cases. Why? Because PortaBrace is as tough as they come.

I trusted PortaBrace cases to get my gear safely to the job no matter what, and they always came through for me. Their designer’s attention to detail, and the rugged materials and fasteners they employ are simply the best. Not only have they figured out how to protect and transport gear, many PortaBrace bags and cases actually help you do your job more efficiently. When you take a look at their line, it seems as if they have a great solution for nearly any production gear you can imagine.

They’re not the least expensive bags we carry, nor are they the smallest or lightest. But, if you are making a substantial investment in quality gear, it only makes sense to protect it and store it in the best way possible. That’s why PortaBrace bags are my current staff pick!

– Kevin Felts, Sales Associate.

Kevin Felts

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