Picking a sensor cleaner as a highlighted product may seem a little boring. Well, let’s be honest, it is boring. However, it is also quite important. For a while now, Pro Photo Supply has been selling a two-part system to clean your sensor, consisting of a pack of 1-time use swabs and a bottle of solution. While effective, the swabs often leave a light residue behind, especially for first-time users unsure of how much solution to use. This resulted in a second swab being needed to clean up after the first. We have been searching for another option, and we found it in the Pentax sensor cleaning kits. Each kit includes one cleaning stick with a polyurethane rubber tip and a pad of special adhesive paper. Rather than swabbing the sensor, you simply dab it. The dust will cling to the rubber, no solution required. Then simply dab the stick on the adhesive paper to remove the dust and you’re ready for another go. It also works great on lenses. At about $45, it’s not exactly cheap, but it should last through many cleanings and is relatively easy to use.

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