G-Technology just announced three new ruggedized hard drives to compete head-on with LaCie’s Rugged series. What separates the G-Tech drives is that they are actually just enclosures; you can buy them with drives preinstalled, or you can buy the case by itself and use any existing Evolution series HDD or SSD drive. LaCie Rugged drives are probably the most popular external hard drive sold at Pro Photo Supply, and it’s nice to see some real competition from another manufacturer. Ruggedized external storage is a great choice not just for extreme sports photographers, but for anyone who routinely transports files between the field and the studio, or between home and the office.

G-Tech is offering two new ruggedized options. The cheaper G-Drive ev RaW is essentially an Evolution series drive with a colorful bumper around it. G-Tech says it will survive up to a 1.5m drop with the bumper installed. Like all ev-series drives, it can be used as a standalone USB 3 drive plugged directly into your computer, or with the G-Dock Thunderbolt system. What sets this drive apart from normal ev drives is that is made from a new, lightweight compound, resulting in 30% weight savings. It’s the perfect portable storage solution for photographers on the go.

The real gem is the ATC case, however. Not only does this full ev-drive enclosure offer up to 2m of impact resistance, it is also dust and splash proof and floats if dropped in water. For anyone shooting on the mountain or in the river, the G-Drive ATC is a no-brainer. The ATC (All Terrain Case) is available with or without a drive, and can take any Evolution series drive—including the aforementioned ev RaW. Available in both Thunderbolt and USB 3 versions, it offers blazing fast performance on both Mac OS and Windows machines.

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