Commercial photographer and educator, Kevin Focht, returns to the Pro Photo Supply Event Center on February 3rd (that’s tomorrow!) for another workshop. Intro to Your DSLR – How to Use Your Camera is a class designed for beginning photographers and first-time DSLR owners. Learn how to get the most out of your new gear from a seasoned pro! Sign up now at the Pro Photo Supply event page.

This 2-hour workshop is for those of you who have a digital SLR. You bought it on the promise of being able to take it out of the box, and with ONE simple push of a button, create those award-winning images that hang on the wall for decades.

Well, it isn’t that simple, but we can make it that way! There’s a lot to these cameras and one stroll through the menu tells you that! The options are dizzying, to say the least. There are many, many, modes that promise the perfect portrait, perfect landscape, or the perfect sports shot. However, the results are never as advertised. Because of this people end up in full auto-mode, which turns your digital SLR into a very expensive point-and-shoot and the results are never consistent. One shot turns out fine, but the next shot is a complete surprise.

Well, relax…there is hope! There are a few menu functions that are critical to understand. There are many that you never need to worry about. Find out why some of your images turn out blurry, and how to prevent that from ever happening again. You will have an understanding of light and how the camera sees light differently than you do.

Kevin Focht has taught seminars and workshops all over the country and knows what it takes to make a great photograph. He also knows how frustrating it can be to jump over those first hurdles. Relax, we’ll sit down together, learn how to use the camera, and promise to have a few laughs as well.

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