Another National Association of Broadcasters show is upon us! Once again, Blackmagic Design has all but stolen the show, with Panasonic also putting up a good showing. Of course, Canon already made their big announcement before the show: the C300 Mark II. Here’s a rundown of what’s new and what’s hot (and what’s not so hot) from NAB 2015.

Blackmagic Design URSA Mini

The URSA Mini takes what we love about the original URSA and removes what we don’t: the hugeness of it. Available with 4K or 4.6K sensors, and in Canon EF or PL mounts, the URSA Mini will appeal to a broad range of videographer. The 4.6K versions feature global shutters and 15 stops of dynamic of range. Prices start at just $2995 for the 4K and $4995 for the 4.6K version.

Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Camera

Taking the Super 16mm sensor from last year’s Pocket Camera, the Mini Cinema camera features a Micro Four Thirds lens mount and is light enough to mount to many small drones. The camera offers 13 stops of latitude and RAW or ProRes recording straight to SD card. This is the action camera for professional filmmakers who need more than what a GoPro can offer. The Mini Cinema Camera shoots 1080p for $995. For $1295, the Mini Studio Camera offers 4K recording in the same format, albeit without and internal recording capability.

Canon C300 Mark II

While this was announced before NAB, it’s still worth talking about here! This brings 4K recording the C300, but that’s not the only new feature. Thanks to some trickery on the sensor, Canon claims the C300’s Super 35mm sensor will achieve 15 stops of dynamic range and excellent low-light capability. The body is slightly larger and heavier, but features improved ergonomics over the original and also runs quieter.

Canon XC10

Canon’s smaller XC10 features a 12MP, Canon-designed, 1″ sensor. It is a hybrid still/video camera than can capture 4K video. The lens is a fixed, 10x zoom. What makes this camera stand out is how modular it is compared to others in its class, offering things like a viewfinder attachment for video shooting.

Panasonic DVX200

The DVX is back! Beloved by skate videographers and event shooters the world over, the original DVX100 was a high point for the MiniDV format. The new DVX200 features 4K recording on a Four Thirds sensor, but the lens is a fixed 13x zoom. This could prove to be a documentary filmmaker’s dream machine.

Panasonic GH4 updates

We’ve already talked about it, so here’s another video we made showing up the upcoming features to Panasonic’s GH4.

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