July 2015 Lab Gallery – Wojtek Powiertowski

Describe your motivation in three words: 

Appreciate World’s Beauty

Artist Statement: 

I’m just beginning to discover Oregon and at every step I’m amazed how beautiful my new “home area” is. Sharing this beauty with my family and friends gives me joy and capturing new places gives me a reason to get out and explore.

What inspired this photographic series?

Simply put: the beauty of Oregon. After moving here two years ago I’ve discovered how amazing Oregon nature is and wanted to capture and share it with family and friends some of whom live in Europe so cannot experience it with me so easily.

Who/what is your biggest photographic influence?

I love the photographs of Ansel Adams, Robert Frank and Annie Liebovitz.

I wish I had the eye to capture the landscapes like Adams or see the world the way Frank did in “The Americans”. But I don’t have the talent or craft but I do feel much joy from capturing the landscapes of the world around me.

Favorite piece of photographic equipment?

The equipment is just a set of tools I’m not too emotional about it, but if I had to choose it would probably be my current Pentax K5IIs camera.

What is your preferred photographic subject matter?

Definitely water – I have a personal relationship with the sea, I love how it calms my mind but also how brutal and unforgiving it can be.

What’s your favorite color? 


If you were a super hero what powers would you have? and what would your hero name be?

Definitely time travel, as for the name I’d just use either my name or take whatever nickname people would like to use.

If you could go back in time to change one thing what would it be?

I’m pretty sure changing things in the past would mess up a whole lot for me in the present, so while I’d love to have the capability, I’d probably use it mostly to see places.

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