For June, our photo lab gallery presents the work of Portland photographer, Kelly Carmody.

Describe your motivation in three words:

1. Symmetry
2. Color
3. Time

Artist Statement: Time passes quickly and often without notice. These pieces are just a part of a complete cycle of a year captured in trees. With the idea of time at the core, repetition and symmetry in the branches and the flowers takes the forefront. Many things in our lives and nature repeat, but with each new glance we often find something new and exciting, so I invite you to take a closer look and see what you discover!

What inspired this photographic series?

I was inspired to take these photos when I was relaxing in the grass under the tree branches, I thought about our cycle through life and how it intertwines with the trees. When we die, we return to the earth, where the trees find nutrients and grow their roots and in turn produce the oxygen that all living things breath. I wanted to create a photo series that could represent this cycle.

Who/what is your biggest photographic influence?

My biggest influence in photography has always been my father. He was taking photos of the family long before I picked up a camera and his passion to capture the important moments in life through a camera was something that always inspired me.

Favorite piece of photographic equipment?

I guess I would have to say my eyes, although I would’t call them equipment. Photography is as much about learning to look as it is learning to use a piece of equipment. One of the great things I love about photography is that it’s made me slow down. Now, when I’m out and about I feel like I’m noticing so much more and in more detail, even when I don’t have a camera with me.

What is your preferred photographic subject matter?

This particular series is not actually the type of photography I take most often. Usually I take landscape shots while traveling or hiking, but in this case the idea came to me very suddenly and I felt like I just had to see it through to the end.

If you could go back in time to change one thing what would it be?

I would go back in time and tell myself to keep believing in my art and to keep taking photos. For a period of time in my life I didn’t believe that I was good enough to create art that other people would see and I think it sometimes held me back.

What’s the last thing you took a picture of?

Trees along the Oregon coast. I went camping at Honeyman State Park and I just loved how tall and proud the trees looked.

When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time?

If I’m feeling motivated I’ll edit photos, but if not I will have my nose in a book, especially if that gives me the chance to sit outside and read in the sun.


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