Hanging out at the Portland Gear #PDXMEET

Where can you grab a drink, pet a famous dog, tour the under-construction Society Hotel, pose for a drone selfie, sample local bubble tea, and get a haircut? At the Portland Gear #PDXMEET, of course! (And yes, I did all of those things—I was actually in desperate need of a haircut, so that worked out nicely.)

If you are unfamiliar with the incredible success story of Portland Gear and the @portland Instagram account, then I highly recommend you check them out. In short, an expertly-curated collection of Portland-area photographs helped the account grow to nearly 130,000 followers who turned out to be very eager to buy clothing that represented their city. It’s a brand that we here at Pro Photo Supply identify with for two big reasons: One, we love our city, and two, we love photography. #PDXMEET is about bringing people together for an evening of networking, fun, and of course, a photo walk.

The photo walk took us from Urban Studio Pearl Catering on NW 9th down Davis street to the Society Hotel on 3rd. The hotel is still under construction as the historic building is gutted, renovated, and brought up to code. It’s quite an incredible location, with an intriguing history of being a safe haven for ship workers in an area better known for its bars and brothels. We were taken on a tour that led us up dusty stairwells all the way to the roof, where we had a beautiful view of Portland’s west side.

Primarily, I went to the event as a representative of Pro Photo Supply (we had printed the images for the photo contest that had taken place the week leading up to the event.) However, even on a personal level, I can’t think of a better way to have spent my Sunday evening. So a huge thank you to Marcus at Portland Gear for putting everything together, and to all the other people I met and talked to that night.

Enjoy a few photos from the event in the gallery below.

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