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by | Jan 1, 2016 | News

If you’ve visited prophotosupply.com recently, you may have noticed a slight change in the scenery. Gone is the beloved “ketchup and mustard” color scheme, replaced by a new look and a wider page layout that, among other things, can support images larger than 500 pixels wide. Truthfully, though, the Olde Site did more than we ever asked of it. It was tried-and-true, and it got us to where we are today. I’d be lying if I said we wouldn’t miss it. Just look at how it made such great use of negative space:

But as the Internet continued to evolve, we realized it was finally time to retire the Olde Site and build a new one to assume the mantle of representing Pro Photo Supply online. Before we go over the grandeur of the new website, I want to get something straight from the start—while it offers numerous functional and visual enhancements, it does not yet offer e-commerce. For now, orders will continue to be taken the old-fashioned way, via phone or email. While we cannot comment about the possibility of e-commerce in the near future, we can confirm that this website is built on a platform that can handle it.


The new site offers numerous other improvements:

  1. Responsive design—no more pinching and zooming on your mobile device.
  2. A new menu system that should make more sense.
  3. Redesigned Photo Lab and Rental Department pages. (Note: the Photo Lab has e-commerce!)
  4. An Events page that is clean, easy to read, and even connects to your Google or Apple calendar.
  5. A new Hours and Locations page, complete with photos and embedded Google maps to make it easier for you to find us!
  6. A clear Terms and Conditions page with everything you need to know about payments, returns, etc. (Summary: don’t mess with KG!)
  7. A revamped Community page that showcases the awesome local organizations we’re fortunate to work with.
  8. A redesigned News Desk!
  9. This one is kind of fun: scroll to the bottom of the Home page and you’ll see a feed of all the images people have shared with us on social media using the #prophotosupply hashtag.
  10. It’s built on a content management system that should allow us to keep things up-to-date more easily.
  11. A Weather page, because everyone needs to know how badly it’s raining.

Weather! Oh yeah!

And coming soon, we’ll have automatic updates to our online used product inventory for improved accuracy! But of all the changes and improvements the new site brings, the best may be that we now have a website that can grow with us. We will continue to build in new features, new content, and make improvements based on data and customer feedback. So go ahead and take a stroll around the new prophotosupply.com, and please feel free to leave your feedback in a comment below.

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