Breathe new life into old memories with photo restoration services

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Lab, News

One of the lesser-known services offered at the Pro Photo Supply Photo Lab is photo restoration and retouching. Since we can’t all be Photoshop wizards, this service is great for those of us who have boxes full of old photos that have faded, been torn, or had various beverages spilled on them and are in need of a little sprucing up.

It’s also useful for anyone looking to get some basic color correction or toning done to their digital photos.

It’s pretty neat to see an old, faded image come back to life with some color and exposure correction, but what’s truly impressive is watching photos that start out looking like a lost cause become new again. The level of damage to some of the prints that come into the lab is severe, but a little Photoshop love can go a long way.

We offer three different levels of photo restoration services, whether you have a print that needs vital surgery or you simply need to brighten up Great-Grandma Rose’s smile. Here’s the breakdown of the levels of service:


This ultimate photo restoration service is for those images that need some serious work. This can include detailed, location-specific color correction; repairs to severe damage in major subject areas, like creases or tears across a person’s face; and even subject isolation or removal.

As custom restoration is our most involved, highest workload service, we charge based on time. And any photograph that demands this level of attention is not something that should be rushed.

Price: $1/min (30 minute minimum).

Top left: original image. Top right: after 30 minutes of work. Bottom: final image, 90 minutes of work.

Top: original image. Mid: after 30 minutes of work. Bottom: final image, 90 minutes of work.


Sitting just below our Custom service, Premium photo restoration is perfect for restoring damaged prints to bring back the color, contrast, and clarity of the original, or to take a print in a new creative direction. We can repair print damage to non-essential areas, apply selective toning, correct lens aberrations, clean up major spotting or sun damage, and even clone out the occasional errant hair.

Price: $10 each.


For lightly-damaged or faded prints, this service provides a quick and affordable way to restore your cherished photos. We will remove minimal dust spots and blemishes as well as apply selective color corrections for skin tones, sky, clothing, etc.

Price: $5 each.


If you just want to punch-up your images a bit, this service is all you need. We’ll apply overall color correction, color cast removal, and black-and-white toning. We can do this to digital files or from scans of prints.

Price: $2 each.

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