The annual Pro Photo Supply self portrait photo contest is back!

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Community, Photo Contest

It may say “Pro” in our name, but that doesn’t mean we’re above the occasional shameless selfie. This is the third year (albeit not in a row) that we’ve done this contest, and previous years have delighted us with fantastic, creative, and hilarious self portraits. We hope this year is no different! So go stand in front of a mirror or grab your selfie stick (you have one of those, right?) and share your best view of you. To enter, visit our Facebook page and look for the “Photo Contest” tab.

For some inspiration, we’ve included the winning photos from previous years. Jonny Davenport’s multiple-exposure self-portrait (top) connected with us for obvious reasons, while Soumya Jayaraman took home our first-ever self portrait contest win with her whimsical kitchen composite scene below.

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