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Currently in our Lab Gallery

Olimpia Trusty-Sojka

Project Statement

The pandemic supplied an ample opportunity to be closer with nature and so I began to truly explore the landscape of the Pacific Northwest, always with a camera in my bag. I quickly discovered how rewarding and challenging that work can be and how truly beautiful this region is. I try to capture the beauty how I see it, with magic and incredible sunsets.

Currently in our Store Gallery

Clark College Advanced Photography Students

Project Statement

Clark College in Vancouver, WA offers an AA Transfer degree with an emphasis in
Photography as well as an AFA (Associate of Fine Art) in Photography. Our program integrates contemporary digital photography with traditional darkroom techniques. Every student coming through the program learns how to use a manual 35mm camera, process film, and make silver gelatin prints in our well-equipped darkroom. As students progress through the program, they have the opportunity to explore color film, medium and large format photography, pinhole and toy cameras, and liquid emulsions such as Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown.