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Education that's focused on you

Whether you need a basic overview of your new camera or you want to unlock the full potential of manual mode, we provide training tailored to you.

Courses for your skill level

You decide what you want to learn: menu systems, exposure settings, raw vs. JPEG files, basic camera technique, and more. Exclusive individual assistance from an expert means the focus stays on you.


Scheduled at your convenience

Pick an expert and pick a time. Morning and afternoon sessions are available Monday through Friday to meet your schedule with effortless online registration.

Learn within your budget

Get up to an hour of training with an expert learning what you want to learn at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Elevate your photography skills.

“We ventured into several topics I didn’t have on my agenda going in. Where I was only looking for menus and location of specific functions, they provided photographic advice beyond the camera (lighting, focal length, lenses) to help me with the type of photography I do for work. They listened and geared the lesson to me. It was well worth it!“

"They did a great job instructing me on the areas I needed to better understand my new mirrorless camera. They were patient, and helpful, answering all my questions and still adding some additional tips and tricks.
I will be back."

"They were very informative, patient and helpful. I appreciated the local business, the personal service, and the expertise they have."

"Pro Photo Supply listened to my needs and recommended the right set up for my goals, experience, and budget. They also were very informative and helpful in our 1:1 training session. I'll be back to Pro Photo for my future photography needs."

"They helped me get the most out of my new camera and offered a number of tips on setting it up. Great session, extremely helpful. Highly recommend. "

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a One-on-One training work?

It’s a one-hour, intensive session in which we get to know you and your needs and interests with photography or video (or audio), and offer a framework in which you can learn from our experience and specialized knowledge. Our goal is always to empower you to create in ways you couldn’t before, and to learn to see in new ways. All of our employees teach differently, but we share a common understanding of creative work and believe that putting the camera in your hands is the key to success.

Which topics does a One-on-One cover?

Anything you want. We have lesson plans made to fit your needs. We commonly train beginner and intermediate users on their camera gear, but we can adapt to even the most advanced users, depending on the topic and our staff’s relevant knowledge, which is fairly extensive. We have diverse backgrounds in filmmaking, photography, printing, audio, and much more. Our trainings can be as broad as a “Photography 101” or as specific as “Shooting wildlife in low light”!

Can I take lessons from Pro Photo Supply online or remotely due to COVID19?

Yes! Please call or email us at (with “training” in the subject line) and we will arrange to set up an online lesson with you on a case-to-case basis.

May I book multiple sessions at a discount?

Yes! If you are interested in setting up a course with us, please get in contact and we can arrange to create a course for you. We offer $10 off per session for customers who pay upfront to book at least four sessions and 50% off training sessions when you make an in-store purchase on a camera or audio equipment.

What if I bought my gear elsewhere or it’s older?

No problem! We are familiar with many products that we don’t even sell, and can probably even help you get better pictures out of that aging DSLR from 2010. We do offer discounts with purchase of a camera, but you don’t need to have bought it from us.

Which brands do you train customers on?

Any and all, including but not limited to: Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony, Lumix (Panasonic), Sigma, Blackmagic.

When can I schedule my one on one?

One on One trainings are temporarily closed until April, but we are exploring options for virtual training sessions. Please send us a message at if you are interested.

May I bring a guest?

You certainly can. However, sessions are charged per person.