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Camera Services

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In addition to our full suite of Photo Lab services and Rental options we offer a range of maintenance services that ensure that your photo and video gear functions and looks like new.

If you're having trouble with a camera or a piece of photo gear, bring it by the shop and we'll happily take a look at it to see if a little troubleshooting can get you back out there.

If that won't do the trick, then we are happy to assist you with any repair needs you may have. We're authorized dealers for most major camera brands and can coordinate assesment and warranty issues, malfunctions or anything else that's getting in the way of your process.

Just click on the chat bubble below, stop by our shop in NW Portland, or give us a call at 503.241.1112 to get started

Sensor Cleaning Rates

We offer professional sensor cleaning services to ensure that your camera is functioning optimally. Our experienced technicians use specialized cleaning tools and techniques to remove dust, dirt, and grime from your camera's sensor.

We guarantee quality service and satisfaction.

Service Rate

Crop Sensor


Full Frame


Medium Format


Cinema and Specialty Sensors


Same Day Service Charge for Sensor Cleaning


Other Services

Service Rate

Firmware Update


Shutter Count


External Lens Cleaning


  • We provide comprehensive, reliable firmware update services on a variety of camera models.
  • We offer accurate shutter count retrieval services to help you assess and monitor your camera’s health and performance.
  • Our experienced technicians will thoroughly clean your lens exterior, ensuring optimum performance and clarity.
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