Leica CL 24MP Mirrorless Digital Camera


Top Features

  • Compatible with all Leica TL & SL lenses
  • Adaptable to use Leica M and R lenses
  • Built-in electronic viewfinder, 2.34 MP resolution and 0.74x magnification
  • Fast Auto Focus performance with a 49-point AF system
  • 24MP APS-C sized sensor
  • ISO range of 100-50,000
  • Maestro II processor
  • Fast touch and gesture responsiveness for optional touchscreen controls
  • Mechanical shutter speed max. of 1/8,000
  • Electronic shutter speed max. of 1/25,000
  • Option for full-time electronic shutter, making the shutter completely noiseless
  • Quick burst shooting up to 10 fps with either mechanical shutter or electronic shutter
  • DNG+JPG shooting for up to 33 shots in continuous burst
  • Focus peaking and magnification for manual focus aid
  • 4K video recording @ 30fps
  • 1080p Full-HD video recording @ 30/60fps
  • Compact all-metal body with anodized aluminum top and bottom cover
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Made in Germany
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The Leica CL simplifies photography with its classic design, while giving users all the advanced controls one may need. The top and bottom are made of milled and anodized aluminum, while the front and rear of the chassis is made of magnesium-alloy. The body has a sleek leather cladding to complete the premium touch and feel of the camera. All essential controls are located on the top plate. The high resolution built-in electronic viewfinder and display on the top plate make taking pictures a joyous experience, with all the necessary controls at your fingertips. The high resolution touchscreen and four-way directional pad give direct access to the autofocus and menu systems. The CL is intuitive enough for beginners, but can also be customized for advanced users. It can be adapted to any shooting scenario.



The Leica CL captures sharp, brilliant pictures with high contrast and vivid color. The 24mp image sensor and Maestro II processor elevate the Leica CL to a new class of image quality, focusing performance and shooting speed.



With integrated Wi-Fi, the Leica CL allows photographers to shoot and share pictures and video via their smartphones on the go. With its wireless transfer, the Leica CL makes it possible to send pictures directly from the camera to a smart device, where it can then be sent to family and friends or shared to social media. For iOS and Android devices, this is possible by downloading the free Leica CL app. The camera also has a web server function, allowing wireless image downloading from any desktop or mobile internet browser.



The remote function of the Leica CL app allows the user to connect a smartphone or tablet to the camera wirelessly and use it as a remote electronic viewfinder for the Leica CL. This allows the user to set the shutter speed, aperture and activate the shutter release remotely. This added versatility is incredibly helpful for self-timer shots, group portraits and shooting from unusual angles or from a tripod.



The Leica CL utilizes the Leica L-Mount bayonet, giving it access to all Leica TL and SL lenses. The APS-C TL-lens offerings are perfectly matched to the Leica CL. There are now 7 lenses in the TLlens portfolio – 4 primes and 3 zooms – in a wide range of focal lengths and aperture speeds. In addition, Leica M and R lenses can be used on the Leica CL with an adaptor and the aid of focus peaking.


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