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Profoto B10 OCF Flash Duo Kit

by Profoto
$3,575.99 $3,575.99
SKU 901167


Profoto B10, is Profoto's smallest and lightest off-camera flash. The Duo Kit includes two B10 OCF Flash Heads with batteries, chargers, and stand adapters. A durable Core Backpack S . Just add your camera and a few lenses in the bag and your kit is complete! With five times the power of a speedlight packed into the size and shape of a camera lens, the Profoto B10 lets you be creative with light anywhere. You can even shoot video with the integrated continuous light. And thanks to compatibility with over 120 Light Shaping Tools, with all Profoto Air Remotes and connectivity with the Profoto App, you have almost endless opportunities to grow. The Profoto B10 truly is a big light in a small package.


  • 2 x B10 Flash Heads
  • 1 x Core Backpack S
  • 250Ws, 10-Stop Power Range
  • Sync B10 Flash with iPhone Camera