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Deity V-link

by Deity
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The Deity V-Link is the cleanest and simplest way to connect your 3.5mm video microphones into a XLR based camera or audio recorder. The low-profile right angle XLR jack keeps the cable runs clean and neat. And the built-in 12” coiled 3.5mm cable means the user doesn’t have to worry about the two pieces separating like when you use a traditional phantom power adapter. The V-Link adapts the 48V phantom power supplied by the XLR input it’s plugged into and converts it to a 3V Plug-In Power signal, mimicking the traditional 3.5mm TRS jack that video microphones are designed to be used with.

Lightweight With Metal Build Quality
Converts 48V to Plug-In Power For Passive Microphones
Right Angle Connectors
Adds Zero Noise To Your Audio Signal

Input - 3.5mm TRS
Output - XLR
Operating Voltage - 48V Phantom
Plug-In Power Voltage - 5V
THD - 0%
XLR Construction Material - Aluminum Alloy
Dimensions - ⌀19*41mm
Cable Length - 12 inches
Weight - 29 grams / 1 ounce

Deity V-link

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Deity V-link
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