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Kono! Original 200 Color Negative 35mm Film, 24 Exposures

by Kono!

35mm Color Negative Film KONO! Original Sunstroke, Moonstruck, Candy, Monsoon, Galaxy, Mirage, ISO 200, 24 exp. Process C41, created by hand using "The Reanimator"- a device developed by KONO! High quality pre-expose process for great results. Any mini-lab will be able to process and scan KONO! films.

There are beautiful light leak like effects on SUNSTROKE. The MIRAGE-Effect changes from subtil, sunny and light into a saturation monster as soon as the sun sets. The Film CANDY add tones producing super sweet colors. MOONSTRUCK is a Color Negative Film reanimated with the help of a bag full of moonlight. MONSOON is producing special tones for refreshing images. GALAXY is a reanimated film with a new formula resulting in even more bursting colors originating from a galaxy full of hue and chroma. MSRP USD 15.00