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Nikon WR-R11b Remote Controller

by Nikon
SKU NI-4239

Nikon WR-R11b Remote Controller for Nikon Cameras

Designed for use with Nikon cameras featuring an accessory terminal, the WR-R11b Remote Controller can be used to wirelessly trigger the camera's shutter when paired with the separate WR-T10 or WR-1 Wireless Remote Controller. It can also be used to trigger select radio-enabled flash units or as a master to trigger up to 64 transceiver units. Additionally, suiting its use in busier environments, three selectable radio frequencies are available for reliable use.


  • Range (line of sight) from the WR-T10 to WR-R11b is 66 feet (20 meters).
  • Up to 18 Speedlights can be paired to the WR-R11b on the camera.
  • Range (line of sight) from WR-R11b (acting as a master unit) to WR-R10 or WR-11a/b units is 164 feet (50 meters).
  • When controlling Speedlights, the camera used must be able to support radio AWL (Advanced Wireless Lighting).
  • The WR-11b comes with a small strap that can be used to connect the unit to the camera strap for convenience.
  • Compatible with Nikon cameras with built-in accessory terminal.
  • Uses radio frequencies, increasing flexibility when positioning remote flash units.
  • Trigger WR-11b using included WR-T10 Wireless Remote Controller (transmitter).
  • Compatible with WR-1 Wireless Remote Controller (sold separately).
  • Can be used to trigger up to 64 transceiver units.
  • Three radio frequency channels are available for use.