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OP/TECH USA Rainsleeve - Tripod (Set of 3)

$12.99 $12.99
SKU 9001302

Protect your tripod legs with the set of 3 clear OP/TECH USA Tripod Rainsleeves. The plastic sleeves slip over the tripod legs to safeguard against debris, sand, and water while shooting in the elements or inclement weather. The sleeves accommodate legs with a diameter up to 2.75" and 46" in length, and by pulling on the drawstring and cinching with the barrel locks the sleeves stay secure on the leg. The bottom of the sleeves are reinforced for durability, so when you stick the legs in mud, sand, snow, or on rocky terrain the sleeves won't tear apart.


  • Clear Plastic Sleeves
  • Protects Against Debris, Sand & Water
  • Covers Legs 2.75" in Diameter
  • Covers Legs up to 46" in Length
  • Reinforced Bottom for Durability
  • Drawstring Closures with Barrel Locks


  • Each sleeve measures 5" x 48"
  • Includes 3 sleeves
  • Fits tripod legs up to 2.75" (7 cm) in diameter
  • Covers up to 46" (116.8 cm) of length