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Panasonic Lumix S Pro 50mm f/1.4 Lens - L-Mount

$1,100.00 $1,100.00
SKU 79R8WB-3871

The Panasonic Lumix S Pro 50mm f/1.4 is an L-Mount prime lens that offers excellent optical performance, even in low-light conditions. With a fast maximum aperture of f/1.4, this lens produces sharp and clear images with minimal aberrations. Its sturdy construction ensures reliable performance, while its dust and splash resistant design caters to outdoor shooting. Its internal focusing system minimizes the size and weight of the lens, making it ideal for handheld shooting. With its versatile focal length, this lens is suitable for a variety of shooting scenarios, from portrait to street photography. Includes the lens caps and hood. S/N: XF9CB100836