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Panasonic Lumix S PRO 50mm f/1.4 Lens - L-Mount

$1,100.00 $1,100.00
SKU ZTS6W2-3871

The Panasonic Lumix S PRO 50mm f/1.4 Lens is a high-performance, professional-grade prime lens designed for the LUMIX S series of full-frame mirrorless cameras. It features a bright f/1.4 maximum aperture for capturing images in low-light, and is constructed with nine elements in eight groups, including one UHR (Ultra High Refractive Index) element and one ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) element to suppress chromatic aberration. This fast and versatile lens also features a 240 fps autofocus drive and a wide focusing ring for smooth and precise focusing. With its dust and splash-resistant design, this lens can be used in a wide range of shooting conditions to capture stunning images with high levels of detail. Includes the lens caps and hood. S/N: XF9CB100961