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RETO Ultra Wide & Slim Camera + Ilford XP2 Film Starter Set

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This Pro Photo Supply Bundle includes the camera and film as well as our lab services of development and scans, all in one. 

Each bundle purchase includes a prepaid envelope to be dropped off at or sent to our photo lab for processing. Scans will be High resolution JPEG scans and emailed to the address you used at checkout

Reto Ultra Wide & Slim 35mm Film Camera

The name explains it all - a slim and lightweight 35mm film camera which features a well-built ultra-wide lens of 22mm. Being the long-awaited second creation of RETO, Ultra Wide & Slim 35mm Film Camera launched in January 2022, providing everyone with a fresh start of the year and a portable, fun camera to bring along to all parties and celebrations.

The camera is available in five colours, namely the classic Charcoal and Cream, as well as voguish colours of Murky Blue, Pastel Pink and Muddy Yellow.


  • Ultra-wide angle lens - capture wide views and put everything in the picture
  • Super light and slim - pocket-size camera which weights only 68.8g
  • Point and shoot - perfect for street snapshots to record your everyday life
  • ATTENTION - Use films in ISO100/200 under bright sunlight; and ISO400 or above for sunny or cloudy days.


  • Film Format: 135 Film (24x36mm)
  • Optics Lens: 22mm, F=11,
  • 2-Element Optical Grade Acrylic Lenses
  • Focusing: Focus Free, 1m~∞
  • Shutter Speed: 1/125s
  • Film Transport: Manual wind and rewind
  • Dimensions: 100(W)x59(H)x28(D) mm
  • Weight: 68.8g
  • Main Material: ABS

Ilford XP2 Super 400 Black & White Negative 35mm Film

ILFORD XP2 SUPER is a fast, sharp, black & white film with fine grain and a wide tonal range. It is extremely versatile to use making it an excellent all-rounder to have in your camera.

It has a particularly wide exposure latitude and delivers excellent results, including well-defined highlights and shadows, even in unpredictable lighting or high-contrast scenes where there can be wide-ranging subject brightness.

XP2 SUPER also provides enhanced negative contrast for optimum black & white print quality. This makes it an excellent choice for scanning as well as enlargement prints.

However, the key differentiator of this film is that while it is a true black and white film, it can be processed in C41 type processing chemicals alongside colour negative films. This makes it the best choice for photographers who want to shoot film yet want the convenience of being able to get it processed on the high street.

XP2 SUPER is also special in that you can shoot at different speeds from ISO 50 to 800 on the same roll of film and process as standard C41.


  • High speed ISO 400
  • B&W film using colour C41 processing
  • Wide exposure latitude and well defined highlights

RETO Ultra Wide & Slim Camera + Ilford XP2 Film Starter Set

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RETO Ultra Wide & Slim Camera + Ilford XP2 Film Starter Set
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