Photo News Week in Review: 11/1 to 11/7, 2015

by | Nov 9, 2015

Sony A7R II

Each Monday (hopefully), we compile a list of the previous week’s best photography news from our own News Desk and around the web. And by “best,” we mean the things we stumbled upon and enjoyed and hope you will find interesting.

Approximately 180 National Geographic Employees Being Laid Off | Photo District News

In the wake of 21st Century Fox acquiring a controlling stake in the company, National Geographic is letting go of about 9% of its staff. Whether this is indicative of future changes coming, or simply the result of reducing redundancies within the two companies, remains to be seen. Regardless, the move sent a shockwave through the photography community, with reactions ranging from confusion to anger.

Hasselblad and DJI Form Strategic Partnership | PR Newswire

Hasselblad, the Swedish camera company specializing in expensive, rebranded Sony mirrorless cameras (sorry, couldn’t resist), and DJI,  the Chinese drone company behind why we don’t have any privacy anymore (okay, really, I’ll stop), are apparently going to be working together on… something. The partnership, which involved DJI handing Hasselblad an unspecified amount money in exchange for a minority stake in the company, will allow the drone maker access to some of Hasselblad’s imaging technology, apparently. I imagine this was the result of Hasselblad engineers standing around a $30,000 H5D-50c package trying to figure out how to take aerials with it: “We’re going to need a bigger drone.”

Sennheiser’s $55,000 headphones sound like heaven on earth | The Verge

While we are a Sennheiser dealer, I have a feeling the new $55,000 Orpheus headphones won’t be landing on our shelves. Still, for all you audiophiles out there, feel free to gaze longingly at pictures of the Orpheus just wishing you could touch them, let alone listen to them.

THE LAB: DECOY a portrait session with a twist | Canon Australia (YouTube)

In this video, six photographers make a portrait of the same man, each believing he is something different, from a psychic to self-made millionaire. The results are six very different portraits, and proof that who someone is (or who the photographer thinks someone is) matters much more than what someone looks like when it comes to portrait photography.

Nikon updates D810 firmware to C 1.10 | Nikon

Nikon recently updated the firmware on its 36MP D810, mainly fixing issues having to do with incorrect information displays. Most of the update pertains to video shooting, with one added feature being record start/stop control over HDMI for some external recorders.

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