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by | Apr 1, 2016 | News, Products

Visit Promatic One

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Promatic One is that it is available right now, online, for free. Visit the Promatic One homepage to download your blueprint now.

The future of photography isn’t just mirrorless, it’s imageless.

PORTLAND, OR — Today, Pro Photo Supply Inc. announced Promatic One, a compact, mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that will revolutionize how people take pictures. Promatic One, which has been in development for over two years, is the first camera produced by the photo speciality retailer.

“We see this as an opportunity to break into new markets and create new revenue streams while simultaneously serving our existing customer base in a new, exciting way,” said Daven Mathies, a Pro Photo Supply employee who went to business school.

Promatic One: an entirely new class of camera

The key element of Promatic One is what’s inside of it, which is nothing but air. The design team decided to remove all of the electronics, including the imaging sensor, in order to capture the purest essence of what photography is.

“It’s about innovation and vision,” said Sergio Slansky, Senior Vice President of Design at Pro Photo Supply. “We wanted to create a camera that removes the barrier between a photographer’s vision and the final photograph. We did that by, quite elegantly, removing the final photograph altogether.”

Instead of recording light and saving it to a digital or analog medium (a memory card or film, respectively), Promatic One doesn’t actually do anything with the light it captures.

In reality, it doesn’t even produce an image that could be captured, as the design team also removed all of the optics from the lenses. This makes the camera incredibly small and lightweight. Indeed, Promatic One is the lightest camera in its class. This may not be a good thing, as it eliminates the option of using the camera as a paperweight, which otherwise would be its sole useful purpose.

Two models, infinite vision

Photographers can choose between two exciting models of Promatic One: the standard version, or Promatic One Addition.

Promatic One is available in four inspiring colors to help jumpstart photographers’ imaginations: Storm, By the Sea, Fire Truck, and Ooh La La.

Promatic One Addition will be available in two special, limited-edition colors: Fallen Trees and Ghost. Both offer a refined approach to creativity, channelling the user’s imagination into one of two discrete pathways. Fallen Trees is a rallying cry to victory, a visual barbaric yawp in support of the home turf. Ghost stands for the tranquil silence that falls over a sylvan morning.

“With Promatic One Addition, we wanted to give photographers something special,” says Slansky. “We have two distinct models that are strikingly different from one another. One is bold and forthright, the other elusive and evanescent.”

Two inspiring lens choices

Promatic One also ships with two lenses, a Widematic and a Telematic. As neither lens contains any elements, neither has a measured focal length, but the Telematic is physically longer than the Widematic.

Stephanie Oberto, Imaginary Strategy Lead at Pro Photo Supply, explains: “We wanted to create a camera that was all about the photographer’s imagination, but sometimes your imagination needs help. While the two lenses don’t change anything about how the camera works, they do help change your imagination. If you’re up against a creative brick wall with the Widematic, switching to the Telematic might help jumpstart your creativity. Although, I don’t recommend using the Telematic if you’re up against a literal brick wall.”

The 12-month roadmap for the Promatic System currently includes plans for two additional lenses, a Macromatic and a Tiltomatic.

Sustainability first

Promatic One is built entirely of one of the most recyclable materials in the world: 8.5”x11” medium weight printer paper. To further improve manufacturing efficiency, the camera won’t actually be sold as a finished product. Instead, interested consumers can download the product blueprint and assemble the camera themselves using their own printer paper of choice.

“We combined the philosophy of Kaizen with the IKEA approach of making consumers assemble it themselves,” said Mathies, probably mashing a couple things together he heard in business school. “This allowed us to eliminate the inherent inefficiencies of trying to guess what our inventory turn would be. Now, we simply deliver the product as it’s ordered, but we can do this instantaneously via the Internet.”

It’s not just about efficiency, though; it’s also about the user experience. Promatic One promises to be just as fun to assemble as it is to actually use.

Available now

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Promatic One is that it is available right now, online, for free. Visit the Promatic One homepage to download your blueprint.

Promatic One: Build your camera. Imagine your vision.

Happy April 1st!

Visit Promatic One

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Promatic One is that it is available right now, online, for free. Visit the Promatic One homepage to download your blueprint now.

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