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Lab Gallery for August 2021: Nine Zines Winners

Lab Gallery for August 2021: Nine Zines Winners

Project Statement

Zines are a popular form of DIY publication embraced by many artists both amateur and professional. Often zines mix media to tell a story through a series of images, poems, collages, or even textures. 

"Nine Zines" is a collection celebrating the DIY spirit of any and all interested creatives. Selected Zines are shown below, and have been printed and displayed in the photo lab gallery. Click on the link or image to see the full zine. 

Around this Town- Chris Nesseth

The Content Cipher by Ellie Reis


 Photos of People Being Human- Ethan Hassi


Sober- Haylee Shingleton 


 FSBS-Portland- James Heredia


Left on Repeat-Jess Garten

Journey from depression to HOPE- Michelle Corse


Untitled Road Pictures- Rick Febre

If you're interested in having your work displayed in one of our galleries, please submit an interest form here.

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